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Snowbird Horses

When you live in two different parts of the country, you want to bring your pets to both homes. Typically this is your dog, cat, or even bird! When you think of a "snowbird pet" a 1200lb animal doesn't usually come to mind. Until now.

Did you know you can snowbird with your horse? Yup thats right, you can now get your horse out of the cold, and enjoy him/her year round! Local barns offer seasonal rates, and availability. Full, and self board are available, depending on the location you choose. Shipping companies will pick up your 1200lb love muffin, and drive them south. Costs are similar to a round trip, plane ticket. These aren't your normal horse trailers, or haulers. They are experienced! They are luxury long distance haulers, typically hauling more than one horse. Some have heat, and AC depending on where you are traveling from!

I met Dawn when she arrived from Michigan, with her handsome horse Henley. I heard so many great things about her around the barn. She actually worked with my horse last year, before I bought her. I was excited to meet her, and ask her about this incredible journey with her horse. Its something I never considered before owning my own! Now that I am a horse owner, I couldn't imagine being with out her all winter. What better time to enjoy your equine, than during our cool fall, and winter days. Hardly any rain, and plenty of sunshine. It is my favorite time to ride!

Dawn, and I met up on a group trail ride. Henley's first ride in Florida. He is used to snow, cooler weather, and big oaks. He's never seen our heavy palm brush, fire ants, or a wild hog! You could tell he was excited, taking in all the sights, smells, and sounds of his new home. Our barns are on a road that has access to miles of trails, and state parks. If your location isn't near trails, there are plenty you can trailer your horse to, and visit. There are local companies in town that do daily /weekly trailer rentals. We even have beaches in the Bradenton area that allow horses on the sand!

He did great after his 1300 mile trip to the sunshine state. He even has the state of Florida on his side. It's like he was destined to be here! Fast forward to this week when we moved to their barn. Journey (my horse) remembered him from that first trail ride, and was calling out to him as soon as we arrived. They are pictured below, living their best life, sharing a pasture.

If you have questions about local barns, or how to get your equine here for the 2022 season reach out! I would be happy to guide you in the right direction to fit what you are looking for. I also specialize in agriculture property for purchase, and lease!

Check out the links below for recommendations on public trail ride services, and lessons ( English and western) if you are unable to ship your horse, but still want to enjoy "horse time"

Trail Rides

Lessons - English & Western

Kids & Adults Welcome!

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